Stop the Endless Water Drips

End your faucet's dripping in Canton & Terrell, TXwith new faucet installation or repair

Is your faucet dripping all day and driving you crazy? Plumb Hero will save the day. You can count on us to replace or repair the faucet through our faucet installation and repair services in Canton & Terrell, TX.

We provide faucet repair services for fixtures that drip or:

Leak water
Clog persistently
Have low pressure

If it looks like faucet repair won't do the trick, we'll remove the dysfunctional faucet and perform new faucet installation. You can choose from all kinds of new faucet styles and features.

Which kind of faucet will we install?

Which kind of faucet will we install?

There are many different faucets on the market now, and they all have different colors, materials and special features to choose from. We can help you pick one that's suitable, like a single-handle faucet for a compact, modern kitchen or a widespread faucet for a kitchen with extra counter space.