Stop Shivering in the Shower

Get a new water heater installation in Canton & Terrell, TX and the surrounding area

You need hot water to get through your day. It's essential for washing dishes, doing laundry and showering. If you're stuck with icy water, it's time for a water heater service. Plumb Hero in Canton, Texas can handle any water heater installation or maintenance service. You can count on us to work on your traditional or tankless heater. We've seen it all.

Do you need a new water heater installation? Ask a pro from Plumb Hero in Canton & Terrell, TX today. We can install both electric and gas water heaters.

Save yourself the inconvenience of cold water

It's easy to forget about the maintenance of your plumbing fixtures, but taking care of your water heater has many benefits. Routine water heater service can extend the life of your unit, improve its energy efficiency and prevent costly repairs down the line. Whether your unit is gas or electric, our team will clean it and diagnose any current issues.

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