Flush Your Plumbing Problems Away

Plumb Hero provides toilet installation and repair services in Canton & Terrell, TX

Maybe your toilet won't start flushing - or it just won't stop. No matter what kind of toilet trouble you face, you can trust Plumb Hero to come to your aid. We offer with toilet installation and repair services in Canton & Terrell, TX.

Call 903-343-1161 right away to schedule plumbing services if your toilet:

  • Won't flush
  • Doesn't refill after flushing
  • Runs continuously after flushing
  • Makes unusual sounds
  • Leaks water


When you contact us, we'll send a toilet repair hero to diagnose the problem and discuss toilet repair options.


Need a new toilet?

Hire Plumb Hero to install toilets in a newly constructed home. We can also replace old toilets with ease. Before getting started on your toilet installation, we'll speak with you about your options. We'll help you find the most suitable toilets for your space and choose colors, sizes, heights and additional features. Once you have chosen a toilet, we'll install it and ensure that it runs smoothly.